Special Orders

Did you know that as a member of the GBCFC you can place bulk special orders at great prices? 

Pre-order forms for Burning Man are coming soon! Watch this space … 

Co-op Members are eligible to order from UNFI, DROPP and a variety of other misc. distributors in bulk quantities at a discounted price.

DROPP – Distributors of Regional & Organic Produce and Products

DROPP offers local, natural and organic produce and products from our area’s local producers (produce, meats, honey, eggs).  You can also find organic produce from Veritable Vegetable for items not available locally. The DROPP availability and further information can be found at: www.dropp.coop.  Stay tuned as we are working on a new website that we hope to launch in late spring of this year.    We work with businesses, non profits, and member owners of the GBCFC.  Please email:  info@dropp.coop for any assistance.

UNFI (United Natural Foods Incorporated):

UNFI offers thousands of natural and organic products from a variety of categories: bulk, grocery, frozen, gluten-free, raw, pet food, personal care, supplements, and more.

UNFI Catalogs can be ordered upon request.

How much will my special order cost?

For items coming from UNFI and department specific vendors members receive a 15% discount off of store retail price.  Community Partners and Hands On Owners who work at least 8 hours per month pay wholesale cost plus shipping. DROPP items will have the prices listed on the website as they fluctuate weekly.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for from DROPP or UNFI?

The co-op has dozens of distributors in various departments.  If you are seeking a specific product and need help locating it, please contact one of the following departments:

Grocery (includes packaged grocery, bulk, bread, dairy, beer/wine and frozen items)  Grocery@greatbasinfood.coop

Wellness (includes general merchandise, supplements and personal care items) Wellness@greatbasinfood.coop

Produce (for items that you can not find through DROPP) Produce@greatbasinfood.coop

Ordering Deadlines and Pick-up Schedules

DROPP and UNFI special orders are due by midnight every Monday for pick up beginning at 8AM the following Wednesday OR by midnight every Wednesday for pick up starting at 8AM the following Friday. Special orders must be picked up within 48 hours of delivery. If you are unable to make it in that window please let us know.

Ordering Procedure

  1. Please completely fill out  special order form located at the bottom of this page and email it to orders@greatbasinfood.coop or bring a hard copy to the Co-op.
  2. For your convenience, please call ahead (775-324-6133) to be sure your order was received before coming to the Co-op for pick-up (we do not always know which items are out-of-stock until the actual delivery morning.)
  3. At pick-up, members are responsible for checking that orders are correct/complete and must contact the Co-op within 24 hours of delivery if something is wrong or missing.

Special Order FormSpecial Order Form 

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact us via e-mail at orders@greatbasinfood.coop or call the store at 775-324-6133.

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