Wellness Wednesday: Beau-TEA

Let’s face it – holidays mean getting together with family, photos with friends, and that long-awaited New Year’s Eve celebration- all of which you’d like to look your best! We talked last week about the many benefits of bone broth – one being healthy nails, luxurious hair, and glowing skin! If bone broth isn’t your [...]

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Wellness Wednesday: Stock Up for Bone Broth!

We’re stoked for the Bone Broth Workshop on December 7th! Broth can be intimidating at first; it’s much more tempting to succumb to bouillon cubes or canned stock. But if we’re being precious about our ingredients, this is not one to miss! Broth offers many health benefits bolstering digestion and immunity, providing healthy fats, as [...]

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The Prices of our Organic, Bulk Holiday Spices are Nicer!!!

  Advantages of Buying in Bulk Have you walked by those colorful and aromatic bins at your local health market and wondered, “Who would need that much of anything?” But buying in bulk doesn’t mean you have to buy large quantities. The “bulk” aspect refers only to the store’s presentation, not the quantity you purchase. [...]

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Wellness Wednesday: A Bountiful Feast

We take food very seriously at GBCFC – just come to any one of our potlucks!  Nourishing food does so much more than replenish our fuel tank; it can help enliven our spirits, help replenish necessary vitamins and minerals, and warm us from the inside out! Winter is a wonderful time to experiment with spices! [...]

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