Local Produce Available this Week

Greetings! Save the date for the Spring Seedling Sale: May 21, 2011 9am Check out the Local Produce list below and thank you for voting with your dollars for local farmers and local food infrastructure! KNOW YOUR FARMER, KNOW YOUR FOOD! River School Farm: Reno-Natural *Collard Greens *Baby Chard Bunches *Mizuna *Sorrel *Tat Soi *Lettuce [...]

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Is the co-op really going to move before our lease is up? Better get involved with YOUR food co-op to make sure we do…

Great Basin News GBCFC members have contributed almost $180,000 towards our move to the new facility this summer!!! This brings us closer to our goal of moving in with the basic expansion of our departments and all of the components that we need to kick off  the local food distribution facility…in fact, we are just [...]

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Let’s Get Movin’

Store Relocation + Member Loan Drive Presentations We are down to our last 2 moving presentations…don’t miss your chance to get involved with the future success of YOUR local food co-op! Sign-up at rsvp.greatbasinfood.coop As of this morning, our co-op has received $72,000 in member loan pledges towards the move!! We have also received $7,910 in [...]

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