GBCFC Open Thanksgiving, SB510 Update, Organic Turkeys Available…

We are OPEN on Thanksgiving Day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.…just in case you need last minute essentials like organic heavy whip, local pie pumpkins, organic pie crusts, vegan marshmallows, local potatoes or FRESH local herbs. We still have a few organic Turkeys available for sale and a variety of Vegan and Vegetarian Roasts. [...]

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Critical Food Safety Vote in less than 24 hours!

We urge everyone out there who has not already contacted our Senators to please do fist thing in the morning! The future of small family farms and local food is at stake! On Nov. 17, the Senate is finally set to vote on the controversial bill (s.510), and small-scale and organic farmers urgently need two important amendments so the new regulations don’t place huge financial burdens on small farmers. Without these two important amendments — currently opposed by all the big names in agribusiness — small farmers will not be protected from inappropriate regulations meant to curtail the largest and most likely culprits of food safety outbreaks in the U.S.: giant, consolidated agribusinesses and their massive processing partners. Senator Harry Reid contact number: (202) 224-3542; Senator John Ensign contact number: (202) 224-6244

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GBCFC Fall 2010 Newsletter

The Great Basin Community Food Co-op Community Newsletter (Fall 2010). The fall newsletter is here! This newsletter’s issue includes: an update on the Co-op move (new store location), new products at the Co-op, Thanksgiving recipes, Lacto-fermentation, committee updates (e.g. suggestion box, local food committee activity, outreach, etc.), member loan drive, fall seedling sale photos, member thoughts/poems and more!

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The Great Basin Community Food Co-op is Moving in 2011: WE OWN IT, LETS GROW IT!

New Site (New Location). Please check out the Case Statement to Move to learn more about your co-op’s exciting expansion into a larger facility. The co-op’s lease at our current site will be up in Jan. 2012, in order to keep our food co-op alive and thriving we are calling upon our member-owners and the community at large to help out financially. We will now be accepting in-person and online tax-deductible donations from anyone interested in helping the GBCFC to reach our goals for expansion. On Jan. 15, 2011 we will be kicking off the member loan drive. Donate online today!

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