Member-Worker Volunteer Appreciation BBQ

This year’s member-worker volunteer appreciation BBQ was a blast!  Thank you all so much for coming and joining in on all of the “reindeer games.”  To reiterate our collective’s immense gratitude for all of our volunteers: 

“We love you guys and Reno’s food co-op wouldn’t be here without you!”

Next year, we will probably start things a couple of hours earlier to ensure a bit less chill and to avoid everyone haphazardly jumping around in sacks in the dark… though it was really fun and quite funny to watch.

We’ll also make sure to double up on the vegan chocolate chip cookies and not accidentally hide the 2nd keg so far away in the bushes.

Check out our Get Involved! page for information on how to get involved with the Co-op, or please send us an e-mail, or come on by the store.

Cheers! GBCFC Workers’ Collective

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