Local Produce Available this Week and My Top 2 (Tried and True) Local Recipes

Hello again,

I am a bit sad to say that this will be my last local produce e-mail as Nicole is coming back to Reno this weekend.  On that note, I wanted to pass along my top 2 (tried and true) local recipes for the last week:

Slow Roasted Organic Tomato Bisque

Phew, this was a bit of heaven, especially with our new Reno damp/chill factor this week.  Anyone who has grown tomatoes this year might be in the same predicament as me this week; lots of ripe, splitting tomatoes (thanks to the rain) that are brimming with sweet high dessert sun flavor.  Plus, working at the food co-op I always seem to end up with everyone’s extras from their gardens, thank you 🙂  I made this recipe on Sunday and it made my whole house warm and fragrant.  It looks involved but really its super easy and pretty hands off once you get your tomatoes and shallots slow roasting for a couple of hours.  I did add quite a bit of fresh garlic to the roasting pan as I love it in everything…and I skipped the sherry but added heavy whipping cream instead of all of the 1/2 and 1/2 (I like soups a little bit thicker and 2 cups of half and half seemed like it would be too liquidy).  Before adding the creamy stuff I partitioned 2 cups of the soup for my vegan friend, adding coconut milk instead.  We baked a loaf of the La Boulange bread in the co-op freezer and added a dollop of creme fraiche on the non-vegan soups and it was scrumptious!!

Get the ingredient list for the Slow Roasted Organic Tomatoe Bisque here.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie with Agave Syrup

Sunday was chilly and rainy so I pretty much decided to prepare my harvest goods.  Being that the Lattin Farms sugar pie pumpkins had arrived last week I decided to cut one open and put in the oven while I slow roasted my tomatoes for the recipe above.  You don’t have to slow roast your pumpkin, you can just bake it the traditional way too…I just wanted to kill two birds with one stone since my oven was already on.  The recipe calls for a frozen pastry crust, which we sell at the co-op.  However, I usually make my own gluten-free crust so that all of my friends can enjoy it…usually without even noticing a difference.  The final touch was a bit of fresh whipped cream sweetened slightly with agave…mmmm.

Get the ingredient list for the Homemade Pumpkin Pie with Agave Syrup here.

Some of the local produce available this week

  • carrot bunches
  • loose topped carrots – can get bulk for juicing, local and a great deal at $.90/lb !!
  • zucchini/mixed summer squash
  • dill- special order for pickling, not aesthetically pleasing…good for canning
  • green beans
  • Sweet white turnips
  • Mixed lettuces – red and varieties available in 8 oz
  • mini sweet peppers in bulk — they have an abundance of these…and are selling for $4.00 a pound!!  You need to special order them.
  • mini dried onions
  • eggplant
  • fertile chicken eggs
  • cantaloupe
  • horseradish mustard
  • arugula
  • NEW – Chinese Cabbage
  • NEW – Turnips
  • NEW – Fennel
  • COMING SOON:  Hawaiian Ginger – this is for real!! comes with stem, root and leaves
  • and so much more from the listed farmers and others!

Visit our Local Produce Available this Week page (produce.greatbasinfood.coop) to see the complete list of what we have in-stock this week at your Co-op from local farmers, and to view the UNFI and Veritable Vegetable produce availability lists.

Remember special orders are wholesale plus 15%.  If you volunteer eight (8) hours of your time a month, you receive wholesale costs. Learn more about special order mark-up structure and volunteering (joining the member-worker program) at your co-op!

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