Co-up Updates: Turkey Time, Co-op Bookluck, Survey, GF Cookies, No Credit/Debit Card Fee Feedback

Turkey Time

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what a better way to boost our local economy by keeping your money local at your neighborhood food co-op.  We have all of your basic holiday needs including local potatoes, mushrooms, greens, onions and more!  You can also come down to the co-op and sign up for a special ordered Organic Turkey, Free Range Turkey, Vegetarian Tofurkey, Vegan Field Roast and 1 lb offerings of local NV’s Own stuffing mushrooms!  Ask a staff member for more details about wholesale turkey and Veg turkey options.

We have spoken with a few of the the local turkey producers and most of them seem to be sold out for the season…there is a woman who recently told us that she has birds left for Thanksgiving or Christmas orders.  Contact us soon though because supply is dwindling.  Her name is Shannon Gray, in Gardnerville, and she can be reached at 775-782-4747 or e-mailed at:

Local Turkeys at the Food Co-op. Advocate.

You may be wondering why the co-op doesn’t have local turkeys yet… Our answer:  According to the Health Department, we can only buy from certified sources (produce/veggie vendors that have their certification with the department of agriculture or meat/poultry producers who butcher in a USDA certified facility).  At this point in time there are not many meat producers who utilize a USDA certified facility and no poultry producers that we know of.  We, here at the co-op do our best to advocate and promote this kind of localized production and we need our members and local consumers to do the same.  Start asking for it and talking about it, seek out venues that provide local meat products (like your local farmer, farmer’s markets and the co-op for Hulsman beef and lamb)  and attend meetings that pertain to local meat production in NV.  As long as our interest and demand holds strong, the market will move in that direction.  The co-op started with three (3) local producers five (5) years ago and now we have over 47! Change happens when you want it to :)


The coop’s monthly Book Luck meeting is today (Wednesday, Oct. 27) at 6:30 p.m. in the co-op parking lot (or the office if its cold). Everyone is welcome and there is no assigned book–just come and tell us what you’ve been reading lately! This is a great way for members to share what they know with each other and learn new things. Bring some food to share, a plate and utensils to eat with, and a chair or something to sit on, and join us for some fun and enlightening conversation.

Survey Reminder

We need your input to make the co-op’s next move to a bigger location a success!  Take the survey here

Gluten-Free Cookies are Back

Absolutely Michelle’s homemade Gluten-Free cookies are back!!  Yeah, we sold out in under a day last week, so she tripled the batch this week.  Mmmmm, I think this very well could be the best GF cookie we’ve ever tried…soft and delicious!!

Update on Credit/Debit Card Fee

Last week we sent out an announcement letting everyone know that we discontinued the credit card fee due to member request.  What we didn’t state was that there were quite a few other reasons and good logic behind our Finance Committee’s decision.  We received so much feedback and response from our smart, aware and passionate members that we posted some info about the removal of the credit/debit card fee on our website’s FAQ section. Read more at

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