GBCFC Open Thanksgiving, SB510 Update, Organic Turkeys Available…

We are OPEN on Thanksgiving Day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.…just in case you need last minute essentials like organic heavy whip, local pie pumpkins, organic pie crusts, vegan marshmallows, local potatoes or FRESH local herbs. We still have a few organic Turkeys available for sale and a variety of Vegan and Vegetarian Roasts.

In the spirit of thankfulness, we would like to encourage all members to take a moment and SUPPORT OUR SMALL FAMILY FARMERS by making sure that Bills in favor of Big Agriculture don’t put them out of business.

UPDATE: Senate Bill 510 — (The Food Safety Modernization Bill…a very dangerous bill that could really hurt our small local farmers and producers)

  • A cloture vote passed on Wednesday, November 17, but . . .
  • there will be ANOTHER cloture vote on the 29th on an amended “manager’s” version of the bill.
  • As we understand it, this new version will include the Tester-Hagan amendments to exempt small farms, as we have consistently demanded.
  • In fact, if this new version DOESN’T pass cloture, the Senate will revert to considering the bill WITHOUT the small farm exemption; obviously we don’t want that to happen.
  • As a reminder, it takes 60 votes to pass cloture

A simple stance to take when calling our senators:

a) support the Tester-Hagan small farm exemptions, but

b) oppose the final bill.

Call both senators today–it takes less than a minute!

Senator Harry Reid (202) 224-3542 OR Senator John Ensign (202) 224-6244

Thank you and have a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving!

Your Great Basin Community Food Co-op

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