Home Made Co-op Merch, Gift Certificates, Local Eggs- Organic vs. Non-Organic price change, we love you, stay warm.

Exclusive GBCFC Apparel/Gear

The little co-op elves have been busy screen printing a variety of awesome T-Shirts, V-Necks and Hoodie Sweatshirts.  We have a very limited amount of this exclusive Co-op gear…all garments were manufactured by American Apparel and the yellow dijon v-necks are 100% organic.  Check out our NEW WEB MERCH PAGE to look at pictures of what we have in the store.

Gift Certificates

In addition to a LOVE YOUR FARMER t-shirt, you can also delight your loved ones by giving them a gift certificate to The Great Basin Community Food Co-op.  What’s better than the gift of tasty, sustainable, local food??  In our opinion, Nothing.  Oh yeah, and its probably nice to know that in the name of consumerism your are helping our local economy to thrive by supporting Nevada farmers and a small independent community-owned business…YOUR food co-op.

Local Eggs. Pricing Structure.

After much debate at a recent Local Food Committee meeting we have decided to finally change the pricing structure on our LOCAL EGGS.  Due to a recent increase in egg farmers, the co-op is now able to buy all of its eggs from Northern Nevada producers.  While most of the chickens from our NV farmers are all pastured and live happy lives eating grubs, compost and the like…not all of them are fed 100% certified organic feed.  In order to stay on track with our mission of sourcing local, organic, and non-genetically modified (GMO) food, we have decided to pay the farmers who feed their chickens with organic feed a higher price than those who don’t.

There are two farmers who feed their chickens 100% organic, non-GMO feed:  Holley Family Farms and Hungry Mother Organics.  These eggs are typically in the 12 pack containers and they sell for $5.49 a dozen.  Some of our other egg producers who supplement their chicken feed with conventional ingredients are:  Hadji Pauls, Fontana Farms and Reno Egg.  These eggs are often sold in bulk but can occasionally be found in 12-pack containers.  They sell for $4.79 a dozen or $.40 cents an egg.

The great news is that because of our recent increase in what we pay to the egg farmers who feed 100% organic feed, it is encouraging some of the other egg producers to start to transition in that direction.  We are currently working out a deal with a larger distributor to get much better bulk pricing on organic chicken feed.  No matter what, a fresh local egg will always taste better than a stale store-bought one ANY DAY of the week, EGG-xactly!  email  localfood@greatbasinfood.coop with questions or comments.

We Heart you, stay warm.

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