Earn 3% interest by pledging a loan to YOUR food co-op!

The Member Loan Drive is doing phenomenally well, we are well over $200,000 towards our basic move-in goal of $277,000.  The ultimate goal, of course, is to open the community cafe and commercial kitchen at the same time as all of our other departments on September 1,2011…which brings us back to our initial goal of $415,000.  However, $277,000 is the “let’s sign the lease”/project turn around point.

Thanks to all of our co-op’s wonderful members we are getting MUCH closer!

If you want to learn more about the moving project details, how to get involved and also how to pledge a loan towards Northern Nevada’s greatest local food movement be sure to catch one of the last three moving presentations. RSVP here!

Member Loan Interest Rates

We are offering interest rates up to 3% for members who pledge a minimum of $1,000.  At this time of rising gasoline prices that directly affect the cost the food, what a better way to support our local economy and create a secure local food system than by investing in the LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT.  For more information or to request a prospectus, please email Amber Sallaberry.

Join us tomorrow–Thursday, March 31, 2011–for the next presentation at 5:30pm at the Garden Pavilion (across the street from our new location).  We will be serving organic gluten-free macaroons & local wine from Churchill Vineyards in Fallon.  RSVP to reserve your seat.

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