WE DID IT!!! $416,000 in member-owner pledges!!!

Believe it. It’s real. Our community-owned food co-op has received $416,244 in member pledges and membership equity 10 year investments.

Congratulations Reno, the best thing to happen to REAL food is here!!

If anyone out there is still considering making a pledge to the co-op moving drive please take action. While we have our stated amount in pledges, our Advisory Board collection team now needs to round up these promised funds. All additional pledges are a wonderful cushion and safety blanket to make sure that our plan is executed in a timely and beautiful manner 🙂 Please email Amber Sallaberry at amber@greatbasinfood.coop or use our online contact form for more info or to receive a copy of the prospectus.

On a stinky cheese side note: We apologize for the pungent aroma coming from the chill case. Last Friday we received our order from Cowgirl Creamery in Petaluma, CA. They are responsible for all of the amazing cheeses, marscapone and creme fraiche that we carry…oh yeah, did we mention that they use Organic Straus Milk to make their cheese?

So, we ordered the Red Hawk. Its flavor is just about as mind blowing as its smell. Its a triple cream organic soft cheese. Aged four weeks and washed with a brine solution that tints the rind a sunset red orange. Why not help clear the air and celebrate our co-op’s recent success with a wheel of Red Hawk and a nice loaf of our organic par baked sourdough or walnut bread?

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