Local Produce Available this Week

Save the date for the Spring Seedling Sale: May 21, 2011 starting at 9 a.m.

Check out the Local Produce, Eggs and Honey list below and thank you for voting with your dollars for local farmers and local food infrastructure!


River School Farm: Reno-Natural

*Collard Greens: $1.75/bunch
*Chard Bunches, white ford: $1.50/bunch
*Mustard Greens
*Egyptian Walking Onions: $1.75/bunch
*Tat Soi
*Flowering Tat Soi- a beautiful delicious addition to salads etc
*Lettuce Heads: $2.00/head
*Bagged Carrots and bunched
*Braising Mix
*Lettuce Mix: $2.50/bag
*Spinach: $2.00/bag
*Kale- Green & Red Russian: $1.75/bunch
*Live Mixed Greens in a Pot: $15.00- 1.5 gallon filled with tat soi, kales, mustard, mizuna…delicious!
can be special ordered
very limited quantities of all items

Sierra Harvest: Wild Harvested in our Region

*Wild Onion Bunches: $2.00/bunch-let us know if you are interested and Dalton will go harvest
*Morel Mushrooms- $30/lb

Mewaldt’s Organic Produce: Fallon- Certified Organic-

*Italian Parsley
*SUNCHOKES! 200lb available, $2.50/lb- good for planting or eating 🙂
*SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! -local, certified organic, adapted to OUR climate- tomatoes, eggplants, spinach, greens, quinoa, marigolds, herbs, peppers, and more!

Earth Alchemy Botanicals: Reno- Natural

*Radish Bunches- $1.50/bunch

Two Hoe Organics: Washoe Valley- Natural

*green onion bunches: $1.75/bunch
*curly parsley: $1.50/bunch

Sterling Farms: Reno- Natural

*Fresh Basil- for sale in the store by the bag: $2.00 for 8oz bag
*Inquire about special ordering bulk quantities- flats

Nevada’s Own: Wellington NV, Natural-

*Fresh Oyster mushrooms- $10/lb
*Dried Oyster mushrooms
*Nasturtium flowers
*Nasturtium leaves
*Lemon balm
*Red shiso- organically grown
*Red amaranth- organically grown
*Purple basil – organically grown
*Curry tips (aromatic) – organically grown
*Rau ram – organically grown
*Chives – fine – organically grown
*Chives – garlic – conventional
*Dill – organically grown
*Pineapple sage – conventional
*Baby sorrel- conventional
*French thyme – organically grown
*Red fennel leaves – convention
*Order a Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit today!- These are incredible! You get to see how it works, and eat a lot of fresh mushrooms!: $29.99

Holley Family Farms: Dayton- Certified Organic Produce! They just got their cert 🙂 Good Job!

*Lettuce Mix: $3.00/8oz
*Hong Vit- asian radish with edible greens with beautiful pink stems very tasty!: $1.50/8oz
*Arugula: different sizes available
*Eggs- organic fed and free range: $4.25/dozen
*Buy Broilers straight from the farm for eating: $3.00/lb contact farm
*Live Laying Pullets for Sale Organically Raised, Heritage Breed Cross: $15.00/ea contact farm
*Farm Contact: holleyfamilyfarms@yahoo.com, 775 246 1032, 775 721 7806

Jamason Farms: Battle Mountain-Organic

*Garlic Powder and Chips- in the bulk herb section

Hungry Mother Organics: Minden- Organic

*Eggs: $4.25/dozen

Pioneer Farms: Fallon-Natural

*Lettuce Mix- includes edible flowers! also has baby speckled romaine: $3.25/8oz
*Mint: $1.50/bunch and good deals on bulk quantities- Come on Restaurants- get some local mint!!!
*Strawberries! limited quantities: $2.00/basket

Salisha’s Delicious: Fallon-Organic

*Tyee Spinach: $3.50/8oz
*Salad Mix: $3.00/8oz
*Icicle and Cherry Bell Radishes: $1.50/bunch
*Siberian Kale

Lattin Farms: Fallon-Organic

*Lettuce Mix: $3.50/8oz
*Braising Mix: $2.75/8oz
*Chard: $1.75/bunch
*juicing carrots: $.75/lb

Churchill Butte Organics: Churchill Butte- Organic

*SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS- lots of greens, herbs, beneficial & edible flowers
*Bulk dried Oregano
*Bulk dried Rosemary

Sierra Valley Farms: Beckworth- Organic

*baby kale
*spring mix
*Horseradish mustard
*Cocktail Sauce

Slanted Porch Farm: Fallon- Natural

*Basque Grilling Onions- these are a beautiful medium sized spring red onions!!! $1.50/bunch
*Bunched Baby Carrots- limited quanitites now
*Asian Greens- coming soon

Hadji Paul’s: Palomino Valley-Natural

*Chicken Eggs: $3.50/dozen
*You can buy chicken straight from the farm: 775 475 0144

Fontana Farms: Palomino Valley- Natural

*Chicken Eggs: $3.50/dozen
*Duck Eggs: $1.00/ea
*Rabbit Meat – A lean meat with lots of protein and very little fat. Call 846 2582 for more details!

MacDougal’s Apiaries: Lovelock, NV

*Honey- bulk available too! 5 gallons for $165
*eggs- pastured chickens

Just Bein Me: Sparks, NV


Hidden Valley Honey: Reno, Hidden Valley

*Creamed Honey
*Honey Sticks
*BEE POLLEN: Its beautiful, nutritious, and great for allergies
*Beeswax Candles
*Honey Comb

Montero Goat Ranch: Lovelock and Fallon, NV- natural

*Goat Meat- all cuts available

Hulsman Ranch: Susanville, CA- hormone free, native grasses

*Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing

Albaugh Ranch: Fallon- hormone free and grass fed

*Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing

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