Local Produce Available this Week

Bounty & Abundance is coming at ya!  Chow Time….Yaw!

Check out the Local Produce, Eggs and Honey list below and thank you for voting with your dollars for local farmers and local food infrastructure!

Spanish Spring Greens: Sparks-Natural
*Pac choi (bok choy) a variety of larger traditional green ones and smaller “red choi” @ $2lb
*Yukina, a type of asian green: $3lb
*Dill bunches @ $1.50 bunch
*Lettuce Mix – bulk, @ $6lb
*Arugula- bulk, @ $6/lb
*Lettuce Heads- butterhead and green oakleaf
*Spinach (limited amount) @ $6lb
*Baby beet greens @ $6lb
*Baby Bunched Carrots- $2.50/bunch
*Sorrel: $4.00/lb
*Mizuna: $5.00/lb
*Baby/Medium Sized Red Stemmed Chard: $5.00/lb
*Arugula: $7.00/lb
*Baby Mustard Greens(Red Frill): $4.00/lb
*Cilantro: $1.50/bunch
*Haikuri-Salad Turnips: $2.00/lb
*Purple Top Turnips
*Scarlet Turnips: $2.00/lb
*Garlic Scapes

Avansino Farms: Reno- Natural

*Head Lettuce: Several Varieties—-Beautiful and Abundant!!!!! $1.50 head
*Collard Greens: $1.50/head

Mewaldt’s Organic Produce: Fallon- Certified Organic-

*Italian Parsley: $1.50/bunch
*Blue Curly Kale Bunches: $2.00/bunch
*GARLIC IS READY!!!!!: $3.50/lb
*Red Russian Kale: $
*BASIL IS BACK AT YA!: $2.50/.25LB
*Garlic Chives, Asian Flat: $1.00/1oz bunch
*SUNCHOKES! 200lb available, $2.50/lb- good for planting or eating 🙂
*SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! -local, certified organic, adapted to OUR climate- tomatoes, eggplants, spinach, greens, quinoa, marigolds, herbs, peppers, and more!

Earth Alchemy Botanicals: Reno- Natural

*Radish Bunches- $1.50/bunch
*Sunflower Shoots: $2.00/2oz or $7.00/8oz
*Pea Shoots: $2.00/2oz or $7.00/8oz

Two Hoe Organics: Washoe Valley- Natural

*green onion bunches: $1.75/bunch
*curly parsley: $1.50/bunch

Sterling Farms: Reno- Natural

*Fresh Basil- for sale in the store by the bag: $2.00 for 2oz bag
*Inquire about special ordering bulk quantities- flats

Coblentz Family Growers: Fallon- Natural

*Onions coming soon……
*Blue Curly Kale

Nevada’s Own/Sierra Edibles: Wellington NV, Natural-

*Fresh Oyster mushrooms- $10/lb
*Red Amaranth
*Baby Watercress
*Persian Cress
*Baby Cilantro
*Giant Flat Leaf Parsley
*Curly Parsley
*red shiso
*curry tips
*rau ram (asian coriander)
*nasturtium flowers
*Nasturtium leaves
*Nasturtium seed pods
*chives – fine
*Chive flowers
*chives – garlic flat leaf
*dill leaves
*pineapple sage
*oregano –
*Sorrel baby
*french thyme
*Flowering thyme
*red fennel leaves
*Rosemary tips
*French taraggon tips
*Garden Sage tips
*Mojave sage tips
*Spearmint tips
*Winter thyme
*Order a Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit today!- These are incredible! You get to see how it works, and eat a lot of fresh mushrooms!: $29.99
FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT: Rachel@sierraedibles.com

Holley Family Farms: Dayton- Certified Organic Produce

*Lettuce Mix: $3.00/8oz
*Carrots, Rainbow bunch: $2.50/bunch
*Arugula: different sizes available
*Eggs- organic fed and free range: $4.25/dozen
*Buy Broilers straight from the farm for eating: $3.00/lb contact farm
*Live Laying Pullets for Sale Organically Raised, Heritage Breed Cross: $15.00/ea contact farm
Farm Contact: holleyfamilyfarms@yahoo.com, 775 246 1032, 775 721 7806

Jamason Farms: Battle Mountain-Organic

*Garlic Powder and Chips- in the bulk herb section

Pioneer Farms: Fallon-Natural

*Lettuce Mix- includes edible flowers! also has baby speckled romaine: $3.25/8oz
*Head Lettuce- mixed variety: about $2.50/head
*Mint: $1.50/bunch and good deals on bulk quantities- Come on Restaurants- get some local mint!!!
*Napa Cabbage: $.89/lb
*Green Cabbage: $.89/lb
*Red Cabbage: $.89/lb
*Strawberries! limited quantities: $2.00/basket
*Romaine Head Lettuce: $1.50/head
*French Breakfast and Easter Egg Radishes: $1.25/bunch
*Broccoli: $2.00/lb

Salisha’s Delicious: Fallon-Organic

*Salad Mix: $3.00/8oz
*Icicle and Cherry Bell Radishes: $1.25/bunch
*Siberian Kale: $2.00/bunch
*Green Butter Lettuce Heads: $2.00/head
*Spinach: $3.50/1/2lb bag
*Baby Dino Kale: $3.00/1/2lb bag
*Red Mustard: $2.00/bunch
*Arugula: $3.00/1/2lb bag
*Red Beets: $2.00/bunch

Custom Gardens: Dayton-Organic

*French Tarragon
*Spring Garlic

Lattin Farms: Fallon-Organic

*SUMMER SQUASH IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $1.00/lb
*Cantalope coming soon 🙂
*Peppers coming soon too!
*Lettuce Mix: $3.50/8oz
*Braising Mix: $2.75/8oz
*Chard: $1.75/bunch

Churchill Butte Organics: Churchill Butte- Organic

*SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS- lots of greens, herbs, beneficial & edible flowers
*Bulk dried Oregano
*Bulk dried Rosemary
*Several Fresh Herbs by the bunch: rosemary, thyme, oregano

Sierra Valley Farms: Beckworth- Organic

*baby kale
*spring mix
*European Greens
*Easter Egg Radishes
*Horseradish mustard
*Cocktail Sauce

Hadji Paul’s: Palomino Valley-Natural

*Chicken Eggs: $3.50/dozen
*You can buy chicken straight from the farm: 775 475 0144

Fontana Farms: Palomino Valley- Natural

*Chicken Eggs: $3.50/dozen
*Duck Eggs: $1.00/ea
*Rabbit Meat – A lean meat with lots of protein and very little fat. Call 846 2582 for more details!

MacDougal’s Apiaries: Lovelock, NV

*Honey- bulk available too! 5 gallons for $165
*eggs- pastured chickens

Hidden Valley Honey: Reno, Hidden Valley

*Creamed Honey
*Honey Sticks
*BEE POLLEN: Its beautiful, nutritious, and great for allergies
*Beeswax Candles
*Honey Comb

Montero Goat Ranch: Lovelock & Fallon, NV- natural

*Goat Meat- all cuts available

Sodbuster Farms: Palomino Valley- natural meat/certified organic produce

*Pork- inquire on cuts and pricing

Hulsman Ranch: Susanville, CA- hormone free, native grasses

*Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing

Albaugh Ranch: Fallon- hormone free and grass fed

*Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing

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