Farm Tours, Moving Update, Special Orders and Member Loan Pledges

Tis the season for GBCFC Farm Tours!  Join us on Saturday July 23rd to visit Holley Family Farms and Churchill Butte Organics.  If you LOVE the fresh local eggs that you purchase from the co-op or any of our local organic dried herbs in the bulk spice section then you will definitely want to visit these two farms and learn more about where your food comes from.  KNOW YOUR FARMER, KNOW YOUR FOOD.

The next scheduled farm tour is on Saturday, August 6th to Hungry Mother Organics and Two Hoe Organics.  View more information on the upcoming, July 23 farm tour.

Special Orders

If you can’t always find what you’re looking for at the co-op consider placing a SPECIAL ORDER with any one of our organic & natural food distributors.  Not only does it save you money but placing bulk special orders often decreases the amount of packaging that comes from buying smaller retail sized quantities.  Visit the Special Orders page view the UNFI special order catalogs, sign up for the weekly local farmer list, and to learn more about placing special orders at your food co-op.

GBCFC on the Move Update #1

It’s mid July and the great news is that we have collected about 95% of the member loans that were pledged to the co-op in order for us to undertake this big expansion moving project.  We have hired a General Contractor and have lined up all of the folks who will be doing sub-contract work like plumbing, electrical, HVAC and more.  The mechanical HVAC (heat, air conditioning) side of things took quite a bit longer than we had anticipated and therefore we are going to have to push the moving schedule back a bit.  Our original goal was to open doors by September 1, 2011…we are now looking at the month of October (if we’re lucky and can really move things along quickly).  The outside electrical wiring will be completed by the end of this week and the exerior stucco and new tiles should be on the building in the next 2 weeks.  The upstairs add ons to level 3 are complete and so is the outside balcony seating area!

In addition to all of the wonderful construction movement, we are excited to announce that the Great Basin Community Food Co-op has just received a grant from the Nevada Department of Agriculture that will allow us to host outside edible urban landscaping demonstrations.  All of the outdoor planters that you see at the new co-op site at 240 Court St. will be filled with herbs, greens, fruit trees, squash, berries, and more!  Be sure to stay tuned for these upcoming edible landscape workshops from our local food committee.

Our Finance committee, staff and new board members feel very happy about the fact that we collected over 95% of the loans that were pledged to us.  However, in order to make sure that we have a “healthy cushion” of funds for the move we are seeking additional member loans to cover the percentage of money that we didn’t collect.  If you were thinking about making a loan to YOUR local food co-op, NOW IS THE TIME 🙂  We are accepting loans from our members ONLY at a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $50,000.  The loans are repayable in either 4, 5, 6 or 7 years at anywhere from 0-3% (you choose).  For more information about the member loan drive process or to receive a copy of the Member Loan Prospectus please email:

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