Edible Landscape. Feedback Requested.

As you know, your Coop is soon moving to a new, bigger location on the corner of Flint and Court. We are in the process of designing an edible landscape around the building, providing demonstration food gardens for all to learn about growing food in the High Desert climate.

What you see here is a preliminary design for the raised planters and growing spaces there. On the left is an overall view of the garden spaces. On the right you see each garden space blown up so that you can see the proposed plants:

1. On the North side of the building is the Court Yard Garden, featuring plants that will thrive in shady conditions. These are edible plants that like protection from the sun and generally grow below the tree canopy in nature.

2. On the Northwest corner is the Medicinal Garden, an L-shaped garden that will feature plants that have been used for healing properties.

3. Next to the West steps leading to the main entrance to the store (see arrow) will be an Herb Garden with plants used for culinary purposes.

4. Below the herb garden is the Fruit & Berry Garden, featuring fruiting shrubs and trees. These are either in espalier form (on a horizontal plane) or trained on a trellis to conserve space.

5. In the new parking lot will be the Superfood Garden parking island for unusual edible plants that have high levels of nutrients or minerals, making them nutrient-dense and great for the health of our bodies.

Each garden will feature a production bed, which means an area where annual edible plants can be grown when in season. Thus, there will be space for summer tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant (and more), and winter edible leafy vegetables.

We’d love your feedback!

If you have more ideas, creative thoughts, or innovative solutions to add to the plan, please jot them down and leave in the box. If you would like to be involved, send an email to localfood@greatbasinfood.coop or let anyone working the store know – they’ll get you in touch with the local food committee. Thanks!!!

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