The Distributors of Organic & Local Produce & Products Center or DROPP

The Distributors of Organic & Local Produce & Products Center or DROPP is a business focused on the storage, distribution, and eventually pick up of locally grown produce from growers/producers within the Great Basin Community Food Co-op’s (GBCFC) defined food shed.  The DROPP defines local produce as any produce sourced from within our food shed.  The food shed is based off our local watershed for our location, Reno, Nevada.  Three river systems were chosen to define the watershed:  Truckee, Carson, and Walker Rivers.

For the past several years the GBCFC has been a means for local restaurants to order and buy local produce at wholesale prices.  The produce department sends out bi-weekly lists of local produce availability to interested restaurants, institutions and our members.  To the best of our ability, we include the product description, the quantities available and the pricing  The current size of the store is too small to store any produce for an extended amount of time.  In the past our space restrictions have been a hindrance to the amount of local produce bought by local restaurants as they must pick up the food soon after it is delivered or it will perish.

DROPP’s goal is to help build the local food infrastructure in the region and to connect farmers to restaurants and institutions.  The team behind DROPP believe that if we can eventually travel the food shed and pick up from farmers and make deliveries to restaurants that this will dramatically decrease the time and fuel costs for farmers.  This way they can provide the most wholesome fresh food at the fairest price.  The GBCFC currently buys from over 50 local farmers and producers and as the store grows and the distribution, more are on the way.

For the past several months the GBCFC has been aggressively meeting with restaurants to let them know the value of buying locally produced goods which promotes stewardship of our watershed, uses less oil to travel, is fresher and supports a local economy.  The GBCFC currently distributes to about 12 local restaurants and has a list of over 60 that it will visit in the near future.

The GBCFC has already started working with a delivery company to make things easier for busy chefs.  Until the GBCFC gets into the new space, orders must be picked up close to the time of delivery.  The GBCFC is in pursuance of a refrigerated, health department certified delivery truck that it will use for in town deliveries for restaurants.  This way farmers can drop off in one central location and not have to spend their afternoons driving around all over town.

For more information on the Web-based and iOS software system, please contact Manny Becerra. For the latest developments on DROPP, please contact the manager of DROPP, Elias Dechent.

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