Care about having access to local meat? Then attend this CRITICAL WOLF PACK MEATS MEETING!


Thursday, October 27, 11 a.m.

Nevada Department of Agriculture, Conference Room
405 South 21st Street, Sparks

Please plan to attend a meeting of the CABNR Advisory Board/Stakeholders for Wolf Pack Meats and the Main Station Farm. This is a CRITICAL meeting as the UNR Administration and a developer propose to take the most fertile land of the Main Station Farm and develop it into offices and homes. Please forward this to interested parties.

If you support sustaining Northern Nevada’s only full process slaughter, cut and wrap facility please come to this meeting! Wolf Pack Meats processes for five (5) of the six (6) local ranchers your Great Basin Community Food Co-op buys from. Buying meat from local producers ensures good raising practices. Your food co-op visits all of our ranchers to make sure their animals are raised in open pastures, fed grass or other high quality non-GMO feed (especially for pork), and free of added antibiotics and hormones. With only 4 major agro-corporate companies owning the majority of meat production in America, it is increasingly important for us to support and buy from our local ranchers. Over 70% of Nevada’s agriculture is alfalfa and beef…which the majority of is shipped out of our state, sold as stock, or fattened up in the Mid-West on GMO corn and soy, antibiotics and hormones (all of which have been proven to contribute to making people sick and an increase in weight when consuming these products!!). Not to mention the process requires a hefty amount of non-renewable energy inputs…shipping 1,000+ lb animals back and forth across the country!

If you eat meat but haven’t given it much thought, NOW IS THE TIME or else we risk using the only processing facility in Northern Nevada which allows local ranchers to sell to YOUR co-op! Sure, everyone is selling grass-fed beef these days but NO OTHER RETAIL STORE in Reno is SELLING NEVADA BEEF!! If the University of Nevada-Reno President, Marc Johnson cuts Wolf Pack Meats from the budget it will greatly impact our community’s ability to purchase local meat in anything smaller than a 1/4 cow at a time! People may think it’s no big deal now, but we do not want to wait until the USDA stops subsidizing the commercial meat market and we have to pay the real price for poisoned meat in America…or we continue our trend for the last few decades and allow big agro-corporate farms to put every small rancher out of business until we have NO ACCESS to fresh, high-quality, local meat.

COME TO THE MEETING, TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CO-WORKERS! If you can’t make it be sure to send your comments about this very important cause to UNR’s President MARC JOHNSON –

While you are at it, please be sure to include the entire Nevada Board of Regents in your email:

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