Local produce available this week

Hi All,

happy fall everyone.  Hope you got well through the first freeze.
Nicole is not here until Saturday, so I (Elias) will be doing the ordering today.  Please let me know exactly what you want and if you want a delivery, as I don’t know what you normally do.

Please place your order until noon today.



Local Farm Availability List 10-27-11


Avanzino Farms: Reno- Natural- deliveries available most days/every other

beet bunches $2.00 ea

carrot bunches – Scarlet Nantes $1.50 ea

topped scarlet nantes carrots: $.90/lb

collard bunches $1.00 ea

Swiss chard bunches $1.50 ea

kale bunches ‘red russian’ and ‘lacinato’ $1.50 ea

green onion bunches $1.00 ea

Potatoes: $1.25/lb: Yukon Gold, Yellow Finn, Red Pontiac, and Purple Majesty (purples are $1.50/lb)

Winter Squash: Acorn, kabocha, and Spaghetti: $.75/lb

Jack O’ Lanterns: Carving Pumpkins: $3.50/ea


Venturacci Farms: 30 miles North of Reno- Natural

Heirloom Tomatoes: Cherokees, Zebra, Black Crim: $2.00/lb

Rojo Tomatoes: Better Boy, Beefsteak: $2.00/lb


Hungry Mother Organics: Minden- Certified Organic- delivering Tuesdays/Fridays

Item Qty Available Now Approx Date of Future Availability Wholesale Price




Bunching Onions, Red

Bunching Onions, White


Carrots – big

Carrots – baby

Chives, Garlic

Chives, Onion



Eggs 80 dz 4.25/ dz

Garlic 50 lbs 2.50 / pd

Lettuce, Green small mixed bags (1/2 pd) NOV 1st 2.00 / bag

Lettuce, Red small mixed bags (1/2 pd) NOV 1st 2.00 / bag


Peppers, Bianca

Peppers, Cayenne

Peppers, Green Bell

Peppers, Hot Wax

Peppers, Jalapeno

Peppers, Nardellos

Potatoes, Purple 50 lbs 1.25 / pd

Potatoes, Yellow 50 lbs 1.25 /pd

Pumpkins, Orange

Pumpkins, White


Spinach 30 lbs $2.00/lb

Squash, Winter

Squash, Yellow

Squash, Zucchini


Earth Alchemy Botanicals: Reno- Natural

Pea Shoots and Sunflower Shoots

8oz bag: $8.00 or $5.00 for restaurants

16 oz bag: $16.00 or $10.00 for restaurants


Ecologica Farm: Pleasant Valley/Reno

Chives: $1.50/bunch

Yellow onions: $1.00/lb


Lattin Farms: Fallon- Certified Organic: Tuesday/Thursday delivery

Butternut Squash: $.60/lb

Sugar Pie Pumpins: $2.00/ea

Eggplant: $1.00/lb


Spanish Spring Greens: Sparks-Natural

Dill bunches $1.50 ea

Sorrel $4lb

Chard $5lb

Cilantro bunches $1.50ea

Basil (purple, green, and green serrated leaves available) $1.50 bunch

Strawberries $4 basket (seascape variety)

White and Yellow Strawberries (fraises des bois) $10 per 4.5oz clamshell basket.

Baby beets white and chioggia $3lb

Beets $2lb – chioggia and white

Radish $2lb Black spanish type, shunkyo semi-long (4-5″ long chinese radish, red), Daikon roots , and white ping pong small radishes

salad turnips and small scarlett turnips $2lb

Pea tendril shoots. $5oz

Eggplant: $3/lb

Arugula: $8/lb

Chinese Five Color Spicy Peppers: $8/lb

Bunched carrots $2.50lb

Spinach $7/lb

Daikon Watermelon Radish: $3.00/lb

Heirloom tomatoes $3.00 lb (a variety or up to 30 kinds. lots of brandywines and cherokee purple and moneymaker, I cant remember all of the other names)

Cherry tomato baskets $3.50 basket (sungold, white, red, and purple mix)

Small tomato baskets of Green Zebra (cherry tom size) $4basket

Parsley bunches $1.50

Specialty eggplant (this is in addition to the regular eggplant at $3lb) $3.50 lb (rosa bianca, green thai, white, calliope, Brazilian oval orange (small orange and red eggplants), orient charm (long, thin purple)

Mewaldt’s Organic Produce: Fallon – Certified Organic (only Friday delivery)

ITALIAN FLATLEAF PARSLEY = 1/4 lb. bunches @ $1.50 / bunch ($6/lb.)

GARLIC CHIVES = 2 oz. bunches @ $1 ea. ($8/lb.)

GARLIC = ($3.50/ lb.)- SEED GARLIC TOO!

Sunchokes: $2.50/lb

SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! -local, certified organic, adapted to OUR climate- tomatoes, eggplants, spinach, greens, quinoa, marigolds, herbs, peppers, and more


River School Farms: Reno – natural

Awesome new item perfect for soups, salads, sauteed, sandwiches

or whatever your hunger craves!

“Rad Reno Greens Mix” 10lbs 6.00 lb

(4 Mixed Kales, 3 Chards,-

Japanese Red Mustards & Turnip Greens)

Vegetables Unit Price

Japanese Eggplant: 3 lbs 2.00 lb

Yellow Wax Peppers: 4 lbs: 1.00 lb

Hot Red Wax Peppers 2lbs: 2.00lb

Flowering Broccoli: 4lbs 3.00lb

Egyptian Shallots: 20 bunches 1.50 bunch

Pumpkins: 5-10 by size

Mixed Kale Bunches: 15 bunches 1.75

Collards: 15bunches 1.50

Chard 15 bunches 1.75

Escarole 6 Heads 2.00 head

Cabbage 5 heads 1.50 lb

Tomatoes 20lbs 1.00lb

(Cherries, Roma, BIG Slicers!)

Red Mustard Greens 5 bn 1.75 bunch

Bunching Onions 5-10 bunches 2.00 bunch

Acorn Squash 10lbs 3.00 each

Butternut Squash 20lbs 3.00 each

Radishes 0 2.00 bn

Arugula 2lbs 5.00lb

Carrots 10bunches 2.50 bn

Beets 10bunches 2.50 bn

Turnip Greens 10 bunches 1.50 bn

Melons 10lbs 1.25lb

Tomatillos 5lbs 1.25lb

Collards 15bunches 1.75 bn

Herbs: All 1.50 Bunch:

Potentially Same for Two Week and Month Projections

Chives: 15

Lemon Balm:3

Lemon Tyme: 10

Regular Tyme: 7

Parsley: 15

Rosemary: 5

Oregano: 15

Lavender: 10


Churchill Butte Organics: Silver Springs- Certified Organic

Fresh Rosemary Bunches: $1.50ea


Sterling Farms: Reno- Natural

Fresh Basil- $2.00 for 10 oz bag

Basil Starts in Pots


Inquire about special ordering bulk quantities- flats


 Coblentz Family Growers: Fallon- Natural

Onions – many varieties: (Copra (yellow, stores 10 months), Red Zepplin (stores 6 months), Red Torpedo Tropea (stores 3 months)) @ $.90/lb


Nevada’s Own/Sierra Edibles: Wellington NV, Natural

FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT: Rachel@sierraedibles.com

Fresh Oyster mushrooms- $10/lb

Red Amaranth

Baby Watercress

Persian Cress

Baby Cilantro

Giant Flat Leaf Parsley

Curly Parsley

red shiso

curry tips

rau ram (asian coriander)

nasturtium flowers

Nasturtium leaves

Nasturtium seed pods

chives – fine

Chive flowers

chives – garlic flat leaf

dill leaves

pineapple sage

oregano –

Sorrel baby

french thyme

Flowering thyme

red fennel leaves

Rosemary tips

French taraggon tips

Garden Sage tips

Mojave sage tips

Spearmint tips

Winter thyme

Order a Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit today!- These are incredible! You get to see how it works, and eat a lot of fresh mushrooms!: $29.99


Holley Family Farms: Dayton- Certified Organic Produce- Deliver only on Mondays

Farm Contact: holleyfamilyfarms@yahoo.com, 775 246 1032, 775 721 7806

Baby Pumpkins


Heirloom Tomatoes: mixed variety: $2.50/lb

Pink Beauty Radishes

Hong Vit Radishes

Lettuce Mix

Eggs- organic fed and free range: $4.25/dozen

Buy Broilers straight from the farm for eating: $3.00/lb contact farm

Live Laying Pullets for Sale Organically Raised, Heritage Breed Cross: $15.00/ea contact farm

Call them today and request a turkey!


Salisha’s Delicious: Fallon- Certified Organic

swiss chard -$2-bunch

red russian kale-$2-bunch

dino kale- $2.00/bunch


radishes- $1.50/lb

amaranth-$3-1/2lb bag


spinach- $3.50- 1/2 lb bag

Arugula: $1.50/1.4lb bag

Daikon Radishes: $1.50/lb

Radish Bunches: White icicle and Cherry Bell: $1.50/bunch


Pioneer Farms: Fallon- Natural

Baby Bear Pie Pumpkins: $1.00/lb

kholrabi: $2.00/head

Gourds: Birdhouse and Decorative: $.50/lb


Custom Gardens: Silver Springs, NV- Certified Organic

Delivery every Thursday morning.


Baby Ginger: available through mid-December or while supply lasts.

Wholesale Bulk: (10 LB minimum) $ 9.95 Lb.


OTHER Wholesale prices and FARM PRODUCE:

New! Baby Ginger and Garlic Gift Packs: Inquire

Lemongrass: (limited) $ 4.00 bunch.

Pepper: (Sweet) All $ 2.25 lb.

Giant Aconcagua

Mini Sweet Color Mix

Green and color-up red Bell peppers

Pepper: (Chiles) Ancho-Poblano $ 2.25 lB

Pepper: (limited) Syrian Paprika (red) (new price) $ 3.25 lb.

Fresh crops available this month (Mid to late October +)

Asian Greens, Mibuna and Mizuna




Lettuce Mix (Gourmet Blend)


Turnips (with great tops)


Ray & Virginia Johnson; Custom Gardens Organic Farm

Main Season Green-Market

10AM-2PM Sundays

Original Home of Nevada-Hawaiian Ginger

Main Season CSA Membership


Sierra Valley Farms: Beckworth- Organic

baby kale

spring mix

TOMATOES! hEIRLOOM AND SLICERS- they have an amazing underground greenhouse and should have tomatoes until Christmas!

Baby Romaine Lettuce

European Greens

Easter Egg Radishes



heirloom tomatoes!- available until Christmas!

Horseradish mustard



Cocktail Sauce


 Jamason Farms: Battle Mountain-Organic

Garlic Powder and Chips- in the bulk herb section


 Hadji Paul’s: Palomino Valley-Natural

You can buy chicken straight from the farm: 775 475 0144

Chicken Eggs: $3.50/dozen (Cage free, free range, no hormones, no antibiotics)


Fontana Farms: Palomino Valley- Natural

Chicken Eggs: $4.25/dozen

Duck Eggs: $1.00/ea

Rabbit Meat – A lean meat with lots of protein and very little fat. Call 846 2582 for more details!


MacDougal’s Apiaries: Lovelock, NV

Honey- bulk available too! 5 gallons for $165

eggs- pastured chickens


Hidden Valley Honey: Reno, Hidden Valley


Creamed Honey

Honey Sticks

BEE POLLEN: Its beautiful, nutritious, and great for allergies

Beeswax Candles

Honey Comb



Reno Egg Co: North Reno

30 dozen eggs per week are available @ $3.50/dozen


 Montero Goat Ranch: Lovelock & Fallon, NV- natural

Goat Meat- all cuts available


Sodbuster Farms: Palomino Valley- natural meat/certified organic produce

Pork- inquire on cuts and pricing


Hulsman Ranch: Susanville, CA- hormone free, native grasses

Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing


Albaugh Ranch: Fallon- hormone free and grass fed

Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing


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