December 2012 Updates

Moving Update “What is taking so long?”

The countdown towards our big MOVING date has begun!  Yes, I know that everyone has been eagerly awaiting an update and even more so, wondering what took so long!?!  The short answer:  we are moving from 500 sq ft into 7,000 sq ft.  The longer answer:  We made a very good decision to rebid our mechanical system and go with one that is much greener, cleaner and efficient, thus costing us less operational $$ in the long run.  This change out required revisions and new drawings for every other major system and we lost about 3-4 months on the project.

The great news is that all of our tenant improvement construction work has begun, we finally have a signed lease and we are also just days away from receiving our permit from the City of Reno.  On top of that, local artists have been working diligently on the hand painted mural and specialty bike wheel hand rails to complement our Edible Landscape Garden (coming spring 2012) and some of the other internal design surprises that we will be unveiling at our grand opening!  Check out these pics to see the latest work:

The goal is to have a soft opening at the end of January 2012 at the new store.  If everything stays 100% on track from now until the new year then I think we will achieve this.  We will be announcing a solid open date as we get closer, be sure to stay tuned by visiting our CO-OP ON THE MOVE web page.

Thank you for your patience and even more so, YOUR SHARED EXCITEMENT!!


Amber Sallaberry
Co-Founder, General Manager & Moving Project Coordinator
The Great Basin Community Food Co-op

Updated Budget

Many of our member-owners saw the original budget in the moving prospectus that we published back in February 2011, there was a total of $508,305.50 for USES & SOURCES.  As one can expect in these types of big moving projects, we have had to increase the budget almost 45% as actual contract bids came in, equipment costs, and the inherent costs such a large expansion.  On the up side of things, we have received another $20,000 in additional grants that we wrote, $15,000 more in member-loans, a $13,500 loan from Buck’s Plumbing and Heating and very recently we received a $50,000 donation!!

See the updated move (USES & SOURCES) budget»»

Updated Timeline

Help Needed!!

We are going to need a lot of elbow grease to help us clean all of the used fixtures we bought, sand and paint shelves, clean bulk bins, and prepare the floors.  If you are interested in helping with this AWESOME endeavor please contact our member-worker coordinator at


GBCFC Now Hiring

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Cashier
  • Stocking/Receiving Staff
  • Wellness Staff

To complete an application, please visit our Job Opportunities’ page to download our employment application and review additional instructions.

How to help YOUR co-op offer lower prices to YOU

Did you know that your co-op purchases hundreds of organic, natural and GMO-free products through a national distributor called UNFI?  Yep, everything that we can’t source from local producers and farmers we find through distributors who sell the kinds of products that our members want.  UNFI is currently the nation’s leader in distributing wholesale natural goods…they sell to places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Raley’s Safeway, and your little neighborhood food co-op.  Due to the fact that all of the above mentioned national chain food stores have the ability to buy massive quantities of food and products for all of their individual store, they are able to negotiate VERY LOW costs from UNFI.  Whole Foods in fact has achieved the largest buying power in the United States for organic and natural goods through the UNFI distributor.  It is estimated that our little co-op pays approximately 25% – 35% more per item from the same distributor!

So, how do we compete?  The answer to that is a game plan strategy that we have been working on for over four years now.  Fortunately, there is a wonderful national group called the National Cooperative Grocer’s Association (NCGA).  The NCGA helps small, independent co-ops across the nation stand together with one UNIFIED buying power through UNFI and various distributors.  NCGA has now achieved the second largest BUYING POWER for organics in the nation just behind Whole Foods.  Our co-op has goals of applying and being accepted into the NCGA organization.  However, in order to be accepted we need to reach $2,000,000 per year in gross sales!  The great news is that in our tiny little 500 sq ft. store on Plumas Street, we hope to finish the 2011 fiscal year with just about $1,000,000 in gross sales.  If all of our members decide to vote with their dollars at our new location on Court Street then we will reach the $2,000,000 sales mark in no time at all!  Please support your co-op in offering better priced goods for our entire community, come shop today!

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