Local Produce Available this Week


Help the food coop reach One Million Dollars in Sales by the end of the year.  Order local produce and stock up in the store.  Buy that GBCFC Hoodie or Shirt that you have been holding out on.  Make that nutritious juice, whip up healthy soup, and check out all of the other items on sale in the store today!

Know your Farmer
Know your Food
Vote with your Dollars!


Avanzino Farms: Reno- Natural- deliveries available most days/every other

topped scarlet nantes carrots: $.90/lb

Potatoes: $1.25/lb: Yukon Gold, Yellow Finn,

Winter Squash: Acorn, kabocha, Turban, and Spaghetti: $.75/lb


Hungry Mother Organics: Minden- Certified Organic- delivering Tuesdays/Fridays

Garlic: $2.50/lb

Lettuce Heads: $1.50/ea


 Lattin Farms: Fallon- Certified Organic:

Winter Squash Weight of Box Price

Butternut Squash 30 lbs $17.00

Delicata Squash 30 lbs $17.00

Sugar Pie Pumpkins each $1.50

Small Wonder Personal Size Spaghetti Squash 30 lbs $17.00

Tivoli Large Spaghetti Squash 30 lbs $17.00

Speckled Hound Squash 30 lbs $17.00


 Mewaldt’s Organic Produce: Fallon – Certified Organic (only Friday delivery)

Sunchokes: $2.50/lb

SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! -local, certified organic, adapted to OUR climate- tomatoes, eggplants, spinach, greens, quinoa, marigolds, herbs, peppers, and more


River School Farms: Reno – natural

Herbs: All 1.50 Bunch:

Lemon Balm

Lemon Thyme

Regular Thyme



Collard Greens: $2.00/bunch


 Churchill Butte Organics: Silver Springs- Certified Organic

Fresh Rosemary Bunches: $1.50ea


 Sterling Farms: Reno- Natural

Fresh Basil- $2.00 for 10 oz bag

Basil Starts in Pots

Inquire about special ordering bulk quantities- flats


Nevada’s Own/Sierra Edibles: Wellington NV, Natural: Harvests Thursday for Friday Delivery

FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT: Rachel@sierraedibles.com

Fresh Oyster-Hiratake mushrooms- $10/lb

Giant Flat Leaf Parsley

Moss Parlsey

Curly Parsley

Garden Sage

Lemon Balm


Yellow Beet Greens


Juvinal Arugula Leaves

Radishes, White Icicle

Baby Mizuna


Mild MicroGreens


rau ram (asian coriander)

nasturtium flowers

Nasturtium leaves

Nasturtium Seed Pods

chives – fine

Chive flowers

chives – garlic flat leaf

oregano –

Sorrel baby

french thyme

Flowering thyme

red fennel leaves

Rosemary tips

French taraggon tips

Garden Sage tips

Mojave sage tips

Spearmint tips

Winter thyme

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple Sage Flowers

Stevia and Stevia Flower

Order a Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit today!- These are incredible! You get to see how it works, and eat a lot of fresh mushrooms!: $29.99


Holley Family Farms: Dayton- Certified Organic Produce- Deliver only on Mondays

Farm Contact: holleyfamilyfarms@yahoo.com, 775 246 1032, 775 721 7806

Eggs- organic fed and free range: $4.25/dozen

Buy Broilers straight from the farm for eating: $3.00/lb contact farm

Live Laying Pullets for Sale Organically Raised, Heritage Breed Cross: $15.00/ea contact farm


 Custom Gardens: Silver Springs, NV- Certified Organic



Ray & Virginia Johnson Custom Gardens Organic Farm

Original Home of Nevada-Hawaiian Ginger

Main Season CSA Membership


 Sierra Valley Farms: Beckworth- Organic

Baby Kale: $2.75 for 1/2lb bag


Horseradish mustard



Cocktail Sauce


 Jamason Farms: Battle Mountain-Organic

Garlic Powder and Chips- in the bulk herb section


 Hadji Paul’s: Palomino Valley-Natural

You can buy chicken straight from the farm: 775 475 0144

Chicken Eggs: $3.50/dozen- fed lots of fresh veggie scraps, conventional feed, large pens


Fontana Farms: Palomino Valley- Natural

Chicken Eggs: $4.25/dozen

Duck Eggs: $.75/ea

Rabbit Meat – A lean meat with lots of protein and very little fat. Call 846 2582 for more details!


MacDougal’s Apiaries: Lovelock, NV

Honey- bulk available too! 5 gallons for $165

eggs- pastured chickens


 Reno Egg Co: North Reno

@ $3.50/dozen


 Montero Goat Ranch: Lovelock & Fallon, NV- natural

Goat Meat- all cuts available: 775 427 8210


Sodbuster Farms: Palomino Valley- natural meat/certified organic produce

Pork- inquire on cuts and pricing: 775 475 0214


Hulsman Ranch: Susanville, CA- hormone free, native grasses

Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing: 530-257-7262


Albaugh Ranch: Fallon- hormone free and grass fed

Beef- inquire on cuts and pricing: 775 423 3361

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