What skills do you want to share with your community?

We excited to announce the relaunch of our co-op’s outreach & education committee this fall!  This committee has joined forces with local food committee to help plan a wonderful series of seedling sales, workshops, farm tours, movie nights and more!  At our first meeting last week it became clear that everyone wants to participate in the revival of FREE skill shares and workshops at the co-op.  We know that we have a huge community of gardners, canners, DIY soap makers, lacto fermented soda pop magicians, herbal balm healers and so much more!  We are going to set the schedule for skill share events for the end of 2012 and the entire 2013 at our next outreach meeting on Thursday November 1, 2012 at 6:00pm upstairs in the community cafe room.  If you have a skill, craft or recipe that you would like to share with our growing co-op community please come to the meeting or email info@greatbasinfood.coop

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