Farm to School!

Are you excited about Farm to School efforts? Looking for a great way to get involved with school gardens or Farm to School efforts?  If so, Farm to School month is coming up in October and is a great jumping off point to get involved!  While it may seem like fall is far off in the distance, if you are interested in participating in Farm to School Month, this is a great time to start planning.  The term Farm to School covers a whole host of activities and programs that promote nutritious food, local farms, and healthy schools— from school gardens to farm field trips to school cafeterias serving local foods and everything in between! There are a ton of resources out there to help you get started, below are some links that may be of help:

 The Nevada Farm to School Network would love to get the word out on any activities planned through the email list or through our facebook page!  Please feel free to forward anything you want to share.  Food Day also falls in the month of October and there are also some great resources out on the web such as the following: Food Day curriculum , educational resources, including lessons for different age groups, and a Guide for School Organizers  .  There is also a one pager on Food Day in schools that can be used as a promotional tool to spread the word about Food Day and how you’re celebrating.

 What is the Nevada Farm to School Network you may ask?  We are a state wide effort that supports the development of a cohesive farm to school network in Nevada.  Farm to School and school gardens are gaining a lot of momentum state wide, “like us” on facebook to get great updates by clicking here or email Catrina Peters at to be added to the email list to get information on Farm to School learning and funding opportunities.


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