Final 2013 Farm Tour

Exciting Stuff is happening in the food shed!!!!
Pssst….here is the agenda for one leg of the tour on Saturday:
Hungry Mother is pleased to welcome our friends from the coop for a tour of our small almost urban farm. Hungry Mother has downsized from our five acres at the prison, to our 2 acres here at home. There is still a lot to see to see and we are looking forward to sharing what we have been doing. including:

Cover Crop/ Minimum Tillage System for Vegetables-

We are using annual grains to provide supplemental nutrition and forage for chickens, control weeds and conserve moisture. See how this works in our vegetable production system.

Backyard- scale Aquaponics Systems-

We have made a few mistakes, but the fish have not drowned yet. This is our adaptation of the Will Allen Method.

Trellised Tomato Trials & and tribulations

You can taste 24 varieties of tomatoes in the crop that almost wasn’t.

Pastured poultry

We’ll be turning the hens and eggmobile out onto new fall forage. Come and watch the fun.

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