Party this weekend with the new GBCFC General Manager

Dear GBCFC member-owners,

Many of you probably know that our co-op started in 2005 as a mini kitchen buying club with a little cash box that we kept hidden under the bed.  Within 9 months of launching this buying club we had $814 in our cash box, a retrofit late 80’s electronic cash register and dozens of Reno’s most committed citizens – passionate people who wanted to create their own community owned and operated grocery store.

Today we are that neighborhood market, owned by nearly 6,000 members and featuring products from over 75 local producers & artisans.  Nobody thought that in 8 short years we would be able to sit on our own balcony and eat organic “home” made breakfast burritos while enjoying one of the best views in Reno.  Nobody fathomed that we would reach nearly 3 million in gross sales by the end of this 2013 fiscal year.  And we certainly had no idea that we could help start some of the social, political, and environmental conversations and activism that is shaping the direction of local food and sustainable agriculture in our region.  We did it and WE OWN IT.

With so much success and so much more to come I am confident that our co-op will continue to grow and thrive no matter what we are faced with.  The Reno community has proven to be resilient, compassionate, hard-working and completely dedicated to this movement and I feel honored to have worked next to ya’all. It is at this juncture that I have decided to step away from the co-op as it’s General Manager so that I can pursue other life interests and passions that I left behind at age 24 when we planted the initial GBCFC seeds. I hope to return in a year and see everyone’s smiling faces… but no matter which direction life’s winds may blow, I know that GBCFC is and will be in great hands with our excellent staff, our board and our new GM – Jolene Cook.  If you haven’t had a chance to interact with her at the co-op yet I strongly urge you to attend the annual membership potluck/party tomorrow and say hello.  Jolene is one of the greatest human beings that I have met in long time.  In the slight chance that the clouds don’t part and there aren’t glittery beams of light around her visage be sure to check out her pic below so you can identify her in the crowd.

Take good care,

Amber Sallaberry
Co-Founder & Biggest Little GBCFC Fan

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