Turkey Flier

Thanksgiving is on November 28th this year!

Our Turkeys are by pre-order only ..

Birds are delivered around November 21st.

Organic Turkeys are $3.99/lb | Natural Birds are $2.99/lb

Not sure how many pounds to buy? It’s about 1 lb per person.

If you’re looking for a different Thanksgiving Meal main course, we have numerous options:

Local Rack of Lamb from Albaugh Ranch in Fallon NV
Local Ham from Sunny Day Farms in Reno NV
 Local Turkeys from Dirt Merchants in Stagecoach NV
Organic or Natural Turkeys from Sonora CA
Celebration Roast/Tofurky

Local birds and hams are extremely limited quantities, and interested people should get in touch with a staff person for more information.

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