Two Free Nutrition and Health Workshops Sunday 25 May: Ayurveda and Raw Foods

1pm – Ayurveda and the Diet That’s Right for You

The Ayurvedic approach towards nutrition understands that there is no one diet that brings health to everyone. During this workshop, we will be learning some basic Ayurvedic tools that will help you understand how to create a diet that will bring you perfect health. Come participate, learn if you are Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. With this information you will learn how to balance your health, mood, energy, sleep, digestion, and more.

In this class, we’ll be taking a doshic quiz and find out if you are Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.

The doshic quiz will be followed up with basic cooking techniques and lifestyle routines to equip you with tools for perfect balance and health.


3pm – Raw Foods for the Epi-Curious with Allison Smith (and ice cream making!)

This workshop will discuss the definition of eating raw and why it is beneficial to one’s health. Allison will cover the basics of getting started, including kitchen equipment and gadgets that she will bring to show.

We will discuss staple ingredients and some of their health benefits. Allison will be making ice cream in class and have toppings available so you can make your own sundaes! While we are enjoying our treat Allison will answer questions. Everyone can have a copy of the recipe for the ice cream and toppings.

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