Improvisational Musical Reflections – Class on Improv Music

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at different improvisational musical styles? Ever wanted to make the leap into improv but didn’t have a group to try it with?

Improvisational Musical Reflections is your chance!

Shawn Tamborini leads a class on improvising music in different genres and different methods. This class is for all types of musicians. Shawn leads a discussion and shows examples of different styles of improvisation, and also has class participation of these different styles. The class is part learning and part playing. So bring your musical instrument and improvise!

Here’s what Shawn has to say about improvisation: “Musical improvisation can be full of mystery. This series is on musical improvisation in jazz, free music, blues, rock, rnb, folk…whatever! This class will look at rhythm and syncopation as well as dissect scale/mode application. Through out the growth of music it has broken its own rules over, and over again.

We are approaching an era where we can expand our ears and minds to accept dissonant, or non traditional methods. Going forward on this topic I will address improvising musically, show musical examples of commonly used improvisational methods such as idiomatic improvisation, how to interpret chord changes in a song, as well as the non-functional equality of all notes.”


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