July 27 — Do-it-yourself, Do-it-together! — Workshops and Open House

Join us for an afternoon of skill-sharing and skill-learning! This whole month we are celebrating DIY from canning to gardening to brewing.

On July 27th, learn new techniques for making-it and doing-it at home through these workshops.

1-1:30pm: Open house with Imbibe Beer Tastings, DoTerra Essential Oils, Seeds and Seedlings from Prater Family Farms and more.

1:30pm: Pickling Workshop with Sherri McVey

2pm Beer Brewing

2:30pm Cooking with Essential Oils with Jen from DoTerra

3:00pm Tortilla Making with GMO Free Nevada


RSVP to outreach@greatbasinfood.coop!


Do it Yourself concept

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