Have you heard that the Respectful Revolution is coming to the Co-op?

A message from Respectful Revolution:

We’re very excited to be coming back through Nevada as part of “Respectful Revolution Road Trip III” !!  This time both founders of the Respectful Revolution Project will be in Reno, and rather than filming, we will be
having a public event at the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op on Friday, the 29th of August, at 6 pm.
(Please find the event flyer and a Public Service Announcement below.)

Generally, at the event we will introduce our project, talk about how it functions and speak to the vital reasons why we do it.  We also plan to present as many local stories as time allows.

This brings us to you!  We would love it if you could attend!  At our public events we usually give a few minutes to any of our portrait subjects (i.e. “Revolutionaries”!) who were featured in the project and would like to take the opportunity to give a brief update on their story and their work…this is a great way to get us all up to speed after we watch your video.  We would LOVE to have your participation and input at this event – it would go a long way towards making this a fun, real, inspirational and truly local conversation.
We keep it fairly casual, and just want to “check-in” with you.   Some people might have questions about your story.  Also it can be a fantastic chance to network with like-minded people.
In any case, we would love to see you.

There is definitely a fundraising component to these public events as we are spending most of 2014 working hard on both raising money AND awareness of our project, and we thank you wholeheartedly for any energy you can send our way and any help you can offer with regard to getting the project seen.  The goal of the Respectful Revolution Project is to share these stories in order to uplift and motivate others to make choices that will tangibly move our society away from greed and towards fostering respect as a fundamental social principle.  The more exposure we can garner, the more folks we can inspire.   Let’s get people in contact with the great work that you all are doing!
We are so grateful that you said “yes” to us, either to let us tell your story or to help us tell someone else’s – you are helping to create an important and inspiring tale, both in the form of individual portraits and the whole of the project.

* Another thing we like to do for these events is to warmly encourage the local community to participate in selecting additional portraits from the project’s website that are most appropriate to local interests.
Portraits can be viewed at www.respectfulrevolution.org/#/home.  To recommend a portrait, please contact the project at hello@respectfulrevolution.org .
Anyone is welcome to suggest a story (we can’t guarantee that it will be shown, but we’ll try our best!).

Let us know what you think, and if you’ll be available on the 29th.  We hope so!
Respectfully and gratefully yours,

 Stacey Wear & Gerard Ungerman


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