Wellness Wednesday: A new resolve

The New Resolve:

Back to school, back to work – that time of the year is quickly approaching: fall. If you’re looking to change your habits, better your health and overall wellness, the time is now!  Not only will you set up healthy lifestyle changes, but these will carry you well into the holiday season.Overall Health:

Cold season is lurking around the corner; keeping yourself healthy starts now!

Remember: health starts in our gut! Try incorporating probiotics into your daily routine. We love Garden of Life’s probiotics! Their range has something for everyone; try their Ultimate Care Probiotic! Or add immune boosters such as foods rich in vitamin C, mushrooms, green tea, and chlorella to name a few. Not a huge fan of mushrooms? Check out the immune support from Host Defense; their products deliver all the benefits of mushrooms without all that fungi. On the go? Try the Myco Shield Spray! This great tasting spray is tiny enough to take anywhere and is TSA compliant.

Soak Up the Season:

Fall weather is the perfect excuse to spend as much time outside as possible. If you can, try making weekend excursions to nearby hiking trails. Not enough time? Even a simple season of raking leaves is a great activity! Personally, my fall is not complete without planning a trip out to the apple orchard. Whatever you embark on, make sure you give those muscles some TLC too! Check out our selection of pampering products in our Wellness Dept. The new bath soaks by EO are awesome! Check out both the Everyone Bath Soak- Yoga and Everyone Bath Soak- Cycle!

Photo: With cold season not too far off, make sure to boost your immunity with vitamin rich foods like garlic, tea, sweet potatoes and mushrooms! Not a mushroom fan? No worries! Check out Host Defenses Myco Shield Immunity Spray. </p>
<p>Another great immunity booster? Fermented foods :)<br />
Good health starts in our gut! Another great source? Garden of Life's probiotic supplements! Try their Ultimate Care to help restore balance!

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