Tincture Information Session with Eagle Peak

You’re invited to this free information session about tinctures on September 18th at 9am.

Eagle Peak is a small, locally owned and operated business located in Eagleville of Modoc County, California. It is located 25 miles east-southeast of Alturas, and approximagely 150 miles from us– thus classifies as regionally local per our watershed.

Eagle Peak harvests from organic gardens, fertilized with organic compost that includes blue-green algae grown on site. As a result, their herbs are very potent, full of minerals and vital nutrients.

From their website: “We respect the age-old relationship of people and plants, preserved with reverence for whole plant materials, each herb’s uniqueness, and time-honored methods of preparation. Eagle Peak’s products are handmade at peak potency in small batches to insure quality, consistency, and freshness.  Our philosophy permeates all aspects of medicinal herb production. We use time-honored methods of growing, harvesting and extracting. Seasonal, yearly and lunar cycles are taken into account.”

 Herbalist, Tina Hodge, has over 30 years of experience. Tina has taught around the country on a variety of herbal topics related to human and animal health. In addition, she is a certified wildlife rehabilitator and is known for her extensive work with eagles and other birds of prey.

We are active members of United Plant Savers and the American Botanical Council and are dedicated to preserving North American medicinal plants. There are several threatened species naturally growing in our gardens and in our mountainous area. We continue to plant more to insure future availability.



eagle peak


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