Wellness Wednesday: Don’t sweat it!

Don’t sweat it! We all get stressed – it’s natural! But stress leads to discomfort in both the body and mind. Stress can lead to a depressed immune system or anxiety if not dealt with. Here are some de-stressing tips:

Try an herbal approach: Holy Basil (or Tulsi) and Rhodiola can help with that amped up feeling over your body being overtaxed by stress! Check out our selection upstairs :)

Get your Vitamin B Complex! Eat foods rich in vitamin B- the whole spectrum! Dark leafy greens (B9), almonds (B2), nutritional yeast (B3), avocados (B5), and and eggs (B 2,3,5,7,12) are some examples of foods rich in the vitamin B spectrum! Still not enough vitamin B? Try County Life’s Vitamin B-Complex or Kind Organics B-12 spray – it tastes amazing and will give you a boost of energy!

Sing! Yup, sing. Studies show that singing helps relieve our stress and tension so serenade your dog, belt it out on your commute to work, or sing in the shower! It all helps you to feel a little better!


improv music (Anais's conflicted copy 2014-08-18)

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