Wellness Wednesday: Fall fitness

To keep fit this fall, you don’t need to pull a hamstring! Check out these great activities that burn a surprising amount of calories*.

Raking Leaves – 1 hr burns 315 Calories
Picking Pumpkins- 30 min burns 109 Calories
Fall Foliage Hike- 1 hr burns 400 calories
Gardening – 1 hr burns 290 calories
Flag Football- 1 hr burns 500 calories

*This data is based of a 150 lb woman. Calories will vary based on individual size!

Fall Favorites

Pumpkins, parsnips, squash, apples, brussel sprouts – yum! These fruits and veggies are fall favorites for good reason! Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, these are great additions to your meals.


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