Wellness Wednesday: taking stock this season

November is quite a special month; we slowly start preparing for winter and for winter holidays!

The continually steady trend of Americans taking control over their health is something to be grateful for and to celebrate. When we arm ourselves with information, we empower ourselves to make smarter choices.

If you’ve never checked out the Wellness Department at GBCFC, come upstairs! Take a peek! While it can be daunting or overwhelming at first, there is something for everyone.

With the weather finally synching up to the seasons, it’s time to stock up on some things to make for an easy transition into the colder months. Here are some great things to consider:

Vitamin D3 – Normally, we get this vitamin through sunshine but as the days grow shorter, some folks have less of an opportunity to get outside during the workweek. To combat this, try stretching your legs and taking a short 15 minute walk around mid-day, Studies show just a is short walk around mid-day boosts mood and vitamin D3! If you can’t chisel a short walk into your busy day, fear not! Check out some great Vitamin D3 supplements from Garden of Life, Nordic Naturals, and Country Life! We love Garden of Life’s Kind Organics Vitamin D3 spray!

Omega-3 – Omegas aren’t exclusive to winter time, but during this season, omega-3s combat the fatigue, dry skin, and inflammation that usually accompany winter. Omega-3 supplements have come a long way from their “fish burp” days; Nordic Naturals even offers a vegetarian option with their Algae Omega, which is sustainably sourced from Tennessee.

Vitamin C- Yes, it’s cold and flu season, but did you know that Vitamin C helps support the immune system when its under stress? Because it’s a water soluble vitamin, it’s important to get this vitamin in each day – eat an orange, red bell peppers, or drink a glass tomato juice- to help improve overall wellness!

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