Wellness Wednesday: Simple Things to Boost Your Mood

There’s nothing quite like a day when you’re feeling great and everything is going your way!

From time to time though we get bogged down with anxiety and stress, and that can truly take a toll on our overall wellbeing. Stress isn’t just a state of mind- it’s powerful enough to affect our immunity as well as our happiness. Anxiety similarly works it’s way from mental to physical, impeding day to day events.

How can we combat this?

While there is no straightforward, one size fits all approach, we can regain our happiness through simple things:

Spending time with Friends & Family ; Whether it’s getting together for tea with a friend or sharing a meal with family, socializing helps combat the blues. Even spending a bit of time with those we love can help bolster mood and help us re-focus.

Exercising : A brisk walk or a intense barre workout can alleviate stress and release endorphins.

Enjoying Sunlight : To access natural vitamin D all you need to do is step outdoors! Fifteen minutes in sunlight (preferably around mid-day) can help you feel energized.

Meditation: You don’t need to sequester yourself off in an isolated room to reap the benefits of meditation. Take a moment and breathe deeply.

Aromatherapy: Don’t underestimate the power of smell! Aromatherapy offers a great way to feel more focused or cheerier just through essential oils- lavender to relax, peppermint for focus, or even lemongrass to feel uplifted!


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