Wellness Wednesday: A Bountiful Feast

We take food very seriously at GBCFC – just come to any one of our potlucks!  Nourishing food does so much more than replenish our fuel tank; it can help enliven our spirits, help replenish necessary vitamins and minerals, and warm us from the inside out!

Winter is a wonderful time to experiment with spices! From fresh to ground, the following spices will not only add a depth of flavor to your dishes but also boost your health!


You may see this fresh root alone or added to your favorite teas, curries, or supplements! That’s probably because more and more folks are finding out that this spice goes way beyond the dinner table. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is a great antioxidant unto itself. It may even help improve memory!

Don’t be afraid to add a pinch of fresh or ground turmeric to savory and sweet dishes alike! Find our fresh turmeric in our produce section :)


We love ginger – ginger chews, ginger tea, ginger beer! Ginger is another powerhouse root that helps with digestion, immunity, circulation, and even motion sickness. This warming root can help you feel better fast!

You can find it fresh and ground at Great Basin Food Co-Op. Ginger is a surprising and delicious spice to add to morning oatmeal or holiday cookies!

Star Anise 

If you haven’t had the pleasure of using star anise in its unique and beautiful form, you’re missing out!  Star anise is a popular spice when it comes to holiday dishes. Star anise appears in mulled ciders, cookies, and even teas. While not often considered when one is ill or when one wants to add a wellness boost to their day, star anise contains both antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Make sure to use Chinese star anise (illicium verum) as Japanese star anise (illicium anisatum)  is known to have toxic properties.  Steeping crushed star anise in hot water is a great remedy for an upset stomach!


Another favorite during the holiday season and winter is clove. I know when I smell clove I’m reminded of this time of year!
But clove doesn’t have to be limited to cooking or baking. Clove oil has immense healing properties when it comes to toothaches or sore gums. It also has a very pleasant smell and can be used as a natural air freshener.

Orange pomanders are a fun holiday activity for kids! Simply grab a few oranges and a handful of cloves. Wrap a string or two of twine or ribbon around the orange, poke a couple of holes in the orange (I usually follow the twine and create a line), and then fill the holes with whole cloves. Leave the orange to dry for a couple of weeks and voila! The orange then can be placed around the house to make your home ready for the holidays!


Warming, delicious, and just a good comfort spice, cinnamon might be the unsung hero of your spice cabinet. Cinnamon has been found to provide anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties as well as improve blood sugar control. A pinch of cinnamon alongside sweet potatoes or on top of your oatmeal can help slow the rate of digestion which avoids a spike in blood sugar. A cup of cinnamon tea can also help curb cravings and helps with weight loss. Outside of the kitchen, cinnamon just makes us feel uplifted with its warming scent! Add a drop of cinnamon essential oil to a diffuser and you might find that you’re feeling positive and more attentive!


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