Wellness Wednesday: Beau-TEA

Let’s face it – holidays mean getting together with family, photos with friends, and that long-awaited New Year’s Eve celebration- all of which you’d like to look your best!

We talked last week about the many benefits of bone broth – one being healthy nails, luxurious hair, and glowing skin! If bone broth isn’t your thing, then look for teas containing these ingredients:

Tulsi: This herb not only helps reduce stress but is rich in antioxidants! Not only that but it’s also said to help keep skin glowing! For many, a supplement of tulsi might seem like to heavy of an addition to their daily routine, but the occasional cup provides many of the same benefits! Try Organic India’s Sweet Rose!

Chamomile- You probably reach for chamomile right before bed as chamomile is naturally calming! But chamomile used topically is great for healthy skin and hair; used concentrated chamomile tea on skin irritations can provide relief from itchy, dry skin!! Additionally, chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties which could help after making the neighborhood rounds caroling!

Red Clover- This herb is a great detoxifier. Red clover supports healthy liver function. When the liver is happy, everything else falls in line too!

Nettle- This herb does it all. When it comes to supporting overall health, nettle provides immense relief for several common ailments including achy joints, poor immunity, and allergies. Nettle as a tea helps you feel your best! Used topically it can help with dandruff or oily hair!

You can find many of the above herbs either in our bulk section or blended into a variety of grab n go teas! Here are some are some of our favorites:

Tulsi- Sweet Rose

Yogi – Lemon Ginger (Not listed above since it’s just good ol’ lemon and ginger – but wonderful for balancing your body’s ph!)

Numi- Rooibos


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