Wellness Wednesday: Turmeric!

Turmeric provides a multitude of benefits; it’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties improve symptoms that range from helping the occasional upset stomach to providing needed relief for achy joints. With more research being done on the root itself, we’re learning about more ways that this herb heals various parts of the body. From balancing blood sugar, aiding digestion, and even encouraging healthier blood circulation, it’s easy to understand why this root has held an important role in traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Upstairs, we really can’t get enough of turmeric. You’ll find turmeric tinctures, capsules, and blends. You might wonder then if the root is so great by itself why turn to a supplement? It’s true – sprinkling a bit of turmeric into your cooking adds both flavor and some of its natural benefits to the dish; however, to enjoy the benefits of turmeric, a supplement offers a higher concentration in a more accessible form!

Which form is best for you? Tincture, capsule, blend, tea? When it comes to picking a turmeric supplement that’s right for you ask yourself : what do I need? If you’re looking to add turmeric to your regimen adding the capsule or the tincture is a great way to go! Check out out turmeric tinctures by Herb Pharm and Eagle Peak Herbals (which is locally produced!). Teas are perfect for those occasional turmeric needs especially if you’re trying to lessen an stomachache. The blends are targeted to work in tandem with other medicinal herbs to help address a certain symptom.

You may also be surprised to learn that turmeric alongside other traditional medicinal herbs actually increases its efficacy and absorption in the body. Curcumins, which are the natural properties of turmeric that give it that yellow color, work alongside other herbs to bolster how well the supplement works. You can find this in some of Gaia’s turmeric line – we love Turmeric Pain! It helps soothe aches and pains when you’re looking for an alternative to aspirin, ibuprofen or NSAIDS.

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