Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Habits & Greens!

Overwhelmed on how to make your health resolutions a reality? Think small and think green!

Adding a variety of greens to your diet is one small thing to start achieving those New Years goals. By adding these throughout the day, you’re well on your way to getting the vitamins and nutrients you need. In addition, greens will help strengthen your immune system and help with overall wellness of your joints, liver, and even cells. Small changes add up to some big results- and adding greens can help you feel your best!

Check out the green offerings of our produce department:

Kale- This nutrient-dense cruciferous veggies can be enjoyed raw, braised, sautéed or in soup. Choose kale with dark green, small to medium-sized leaves free of any yellowing. raw, braised, sautéed or in soup.

Dino Kale is on special for members at 1.69 each (reg 2.39 each)

Napa Cabbage- The humble green cabbage is full of vitamins (C & K to name a few) and fiber. Raw, steamed, stuffed or tossed into soup, this veggies is a great addition to any dish.

Normally at $2.39/lb, our member’s special is 1.39/lb !

There’s no better way to get your greens in then by adding them first thing in the morning. We make over 200 choices regarding what we eat each day. Whether you have poached eggs and steamed kale or drink a green smoothie, adding greens to your breakfast means that you’re making great (and green!) choices to set the tone of the rest of your day! Green powders are another quick and easy way to add greens to morning smoothies. Upstairs in the wellness department, we love the following green powders:

HealthForce Vitamineral Greens: This mix of cereal greens and micro-greens has it all! In addition, Healthforce adds enzymes and shelf stable probiotics to help aid digestion.

Garden Of Life Alkalizing Raw Perfect Food Powder: Alkalize and get your greens in one go. Mix a scoop of this with your favorite milk/milk substitute, frozen fruit, and blitz in the blender to get a tasty and healthy smoothie.


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