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Check out the latest FARM TO FABLE article that NPR has been circulating on how markets and restaurants lie about buying local. Link to this article and others at end.

“Some restaurants claim to buy fresh fruit and veggies from local farmers. When, in truth, they’re not using local farms. They’re using a semi-truck from a corporate food distributor full of produce that could have come from Chile, for all they know.” – Troy Johnson, Behind the Story
We see this happen in Reno more frequently than ever. It’s concerning for consumers who want to know where their food came from and it’s harmful to local farmers who do not benefit from these misleading sales. Restaurants get away with it because customers are often self-conscious about asking the important questions, and choose to instead trust what’s written on the menu. Now we know how untrue the menu may be, so next time you go out to eat and a restaurant claims that they buy local or organic be sure to ask a LOT of questions. Or check in with us as a resource since a lot of the businesses who do truly support local tend to buy from the area’s local food hub:

(And if you do feel self-conscious, remember that it is your right as a consumer to ask these questions! You won’t look like these customer in this episode of Portlandia, we promise: )

There are a lot of high end and “gourmet” restaurants in town who charge a good deal for their entrees yet continue to source exclusively conventional foods from Sysco, US Foods, and a myriad of other corporate distributors. Why pay top dollar for genetically modified governmentally subsidized foods? Lets raise the bar Reno!

Shout out to Campo Reno, 4th St. Bistro, Cafe Deluxe, Reno Local Food Group, Jack Rabbit Junction, Beaujolais Bistro, Farm Fresh Catering, Great Thyme Catering, Blend Catering, Coffeebar, The Hub and MANY more!

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