You’re Awesome! Apply for a seat on the GBCFC board.

You’re Awesome and so is our current co-op board! Never before has GBCFC had such a forward thinking, humorous, dedicated, yet easy going group at the helm. This fall we have two seats open and we need new folks who LOVE their co-op and want to help it achieve great things in the years to come.

Here are some recommended qualities that will help with our future cohesion and continued success:

1. You are Passionate about local food and food systems
2. Your blood has traces of idealism, pragmatism, enthusiasm and gusto!
3. You must like to joke around and laugh, no exceptions.
4. You are eager to learn about how our cooperative business functions and help to guide it with your best higher mind in place.

Your co-op is finally profitable and we are up to BIG things for local food in the coming months and years. We need more courageous leaders to help see these plans through. Anyone who is a current member owner is welcome to apply, the deadline is July 1st.

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