How many almonds in your mylk?

Three Trees almond milk does not use gums, stabilizers, or carageenan. In fact, their unsweetened almond milk has two ingredients: water and organic almonds. They proudly announce on their webpage that they use 23 almonds per cup of almond milk, which equates to almost 100 almonds in their 34oz bottle!

Curious how that compares to other brands, we started to do some research. The other brands don’t list any information about this on their webpages. So, we reached out to some major producers and asked them how many almonds are in each cup of their almond milk. Their response? It’s a proprietary secret, and they can’t share. We dug deeper, and discovered that in the UK, food labeling laws require them to disclose ingredients as a percentage of the whole, and almonds are 2% of the Almond Breeze brand almond milk. Take 2% of a 34 oz bottle and you get 0.68 oz. An almond weighs an average of 1.2 grams, which means a 34 oz bottle contains about 16 almonds, or a measly 3.8 almonds per cup!

Compare this with the 23 per cup from Three Trees and you get an almond milk with six times the almonds of the typical “naturally flavored almond-like beverage” like Almond Breeze. Oh, and they’re organic almonds.

And, we can tell you from experience, it tastes six times better as well :)


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