Save Your Turkey Bones & Carcass to Make This Nourishing Broth



Remember to save your Turkey bones & carcass so that you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of homemade bone broth. It is said that broth helps to digest and assimilate the proteins, fats and amino acids in meat…providing much more bang for your buck in buying high quality organic and pastured animals. If you are just eating the flesh part of animals you can run into problems with excessive methylation in the body, which leads to premature aging and other health problems. The high amount of proline and gycine helps to balance this out. Proponents of plant based diets correctly warn against the dangers of excess methionine. Vegetable based diets are low in methionine (which is good) but they also lack the proline and glycine, key building blocks to your health…balance. Here are some of the amino acids that bone broth is rich in:

PROLINE – for healthy collagen and cartilage
GLYCINE – for healthy blood, fat digestion, detoxification and more
GLUTAMINE – for gut health, immunity and more…if you have leaky gut, IBS, Chrons Disease, IBS, Celiacs disease or any other kind of gut disorder it would be a good idea to consume Glutamine as the gut cells turn over rapidly, they prefer to feed on glutamine overt any other amino acid. Glutamine is referred to as “brain food” and helps greatly with depression, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, and even conditions like ADD and ADHD. We will talk more today about the gut as “the second brain” and Natalie McBride’s work – Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS).
ALANINE – for athletes and anti-aging, liver function, glycolysis, and gluconeogenesis (production of glucose)

Simple, Easy and Cheap Turkey Bone Broth Recipe:
*An entire Turkey carcass with all Bones
*½ cup vinegar
*4 to 5 quarts cold filtered water
*veggies and herbs of choice and if desired (parsley, onions, carrots, celery, thyme and bay are all great options)
Add bones and veggies/herbs if you desire to a stockpot and let sit for for ½ hour- 1 hour in the water and vinegar to help extract nutrients. Turn on your stove to high and bring to a boil, once you get there reduce to low so that it is a low roll (not boiling) and then let simmer for 24-72 hours.
You can substitute Turkey with Beef bones or chicken (Chicken feet are the secret to excellent chicken broth), lamb, venison or fish – Sally Fallon’s Book, Nourishing Broth is a wonderful resource for medicinal broth making.
. Once you have finished your broth let cool entirely and use a fine mesh strainer to filter. Pour into glass mason jars (at ¾ way full) and then place in freezer for use up to 6 months later.

Up next, super-food gravy recipe using either arrowroot as the thickener for the vegan version or grass-fed gelatin for the Turkey version.

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