Salty Girl Seafood – What Makes Fish Sustainable and Traceable?



Seafood is one of the most difficult products to buy sustainably. Is it healthy for you, as fresh as possible and free of mercury? Is it healthy for the environment, passing the Monterey Seafood Watch, line caught, MSC certified, wild-caught, and so on and so on? Is it healthy for the fishermen, when the AP reports rampant slavery in the fishing industry in Southeast Asia?

Many people are doing everything they can to face this conundrum head on, and Salty Girl Seafood is using technology to create the most traceable seafood on the planet. On each box of sustainably-caught seafood you buy, you will find a code that traces that exact fish back to the fisherman, the fishing vessel, catch method, season, and location it was caught. Check it out here! Or come into the Co-op and find out exactly where your dinner came from.

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