We Made it into the Good Food Org Guide!


OUR co-op made it into the Good Food Org Guide as one of 3 co-ops across the nation!

Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation just released the 3rd annual Good Food Org Guide, which features 1,000 nonprofit organizations creating a better food system across the United States. La Montanita Food Co-op and Yours Truly (that’s us, the GBCFC) were listed amongst these 501c3s. What’s rad about that is the fact that we are a for profit cooperative business that has decided to operate our business with a triple bottom line approach – SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL & FINANCIAL. Our commitment to and goals achieved in developing a strong, resilient and sustainable regional food system is at the root of everything we do. More for profit businesses can make this choice and do it in financially viable ways for all. Fair payment to farmers, workers, and the land. Invest in businesses that pay fair wages to their vendors, producers and workers.



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