Bacon and Brussels Sprouts: A Match Made in the GBCFC Kitchen



New from the GBCFC Kitchen: Bacon Brussels Almond Salad! We think its a pretty rad mix of the favored vegetable used to torture children at the dinner table for hundreds of years, and a local variety [Holley Family Farms] of a delicious meat with an undeniable cult status – just google “bacon” if you want to see what we’re talking about. Yeah someone out there is making bacon flavored soda, bacon flavored toothpaste, even late 80s Honda carburetor replacement parts that give off the SMELL of bacon when you’re revving at a stoplight… Our fact checker is on vacation so we can’t 100% confirm that last part. We should mention that brussels sprouts are also known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties – so if you haven’t choked one down since you were pouting at the dinner table in your grade school days, maybe consider giving em another chance! Oh yeah, these puppies are on sale through the 14th.

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