This Winter, Get A Grip – The GREEN Way



Winter is coming! If you thought it would be difficult to get super excited about an ice melt made from a hydrothermal volcanic mineral, you were wrong. EcoTraction has gone and REINVENTED the wheel with the most environmentally friendly AND cost effective solution for battling icy walkways on the market! One cup safely covers a parking space or 144 sq. ft! It’s chemical free, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe for pets. Plus, unlike nearly any other product on the market, EcoTraction acts as an actual nutritive for soil and functions as a soil aerator, so you can just sweep it right into your lawn or garden in the spring. Due to its naturally absorbent properties, you can even use it to help remove that oil stain on the floor of your garage or mix some in to your cat’s litter box. Oh yeah, the City of Chicago Parks Department has championed this stuff since 2009 – you KNOW those midwest winters are no joke. So yeah, get a grip! Don’t get caught slippin’! Find it upstairs in our wellness department (members use your December coupon and get $5 off!!)

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