Brenton and the Oysters



Staff pick with the one and only Brenton: “My favorite thing we have right now has to be the locally grown oyster mushrooms from Mountain Mushrooms. They come in fresh a few times a week and they are just incredible. Unlike most oysters you buy at other places, usually in a plastic bag, these guys are fresh and alive! They smell of fresh oysters out of the sea and they are soft and buttery when cooked. Being a vegan I was never a fan of fake meat products and when I discovered these there was no turning back. Sauté them up with some olive oil and salt, cook them to a slight crisp and you can’t beat it. Oysters contain ergothioneine, which is a powerful antioxidant found in most mushrooms along with other beneficial nutrients. They are great for you and taste even better so next time you’re in stop by the produce department and give these guys and the local shiitakes a try! O’hana”

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