Love Your Gopher Snake



Back in June we visited Chuck and Paula at Palomino Valley Chicken and Egg for a farm tour. (Yes, the Palomino egg of GBCFC Breakfast Burrito fame!) We were standing near their garden when a big gopher snake just came casually cruising right through the group. I immediately reverted to my adolescent self and excitedly snatched up the creature by its tail, Crocodile Hunter style. Though I saw no reason to believe it was venomous or even aggressive, I needed a moment to get comfy with it – this was way bigger than the garter snakes I grew up catching in Wisconsin. Chuck saw that my apprehensive technique was uncomfortable for the little dude and gently scooped him up into his arms, almost as if it were a kitten, where it instantly became docile. I got the feeling they were old pals. He and Paula explained that they love having the snakes around because they help keep the rodent population down – thats like having a free security staff protecting your garden. Getting to visit with our farmers has been one of the raddest parts of being involved with the GBCFC. Great for education, putting things into perspective, and makin’ you feel like a real city slicker. -Dane Haman

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