Juice Cleanse, Anyone?


Hit the fruitcake a little too hard over the weekend? You’re not alone. That’s why GBCFC Juice Bar offering up a super rejuvenating, one-day, post-holiday juice cleanse just in time for the new year.
The juice cleanse is available any day of the week, for as long as one wants. Please notify us of your cleansing desires at least one day prior to pick-up to ensure availability. To receive optimal nutrients, we suggest picking up the cleanse fresh every morning.
Each cleanse package will consist of the following:
-Four 16-ounce juices, ingredients vary daily
-One 32-ounce kitchen-made bone or vegetable broth, cleanser’s choice
-One 32-ounce Master Cleanse, made up of lemon, cayenne, maple syrup, magnesium infused water– great for alkalizing the body, boosting metabolism, and staying hydrated (please sip and enjoy throughout the day)

For more information, as well as signing up for the cleanse, please stop by the Juice Bar, email zach@greatbasinfood.coop, or call us at 775-324-6133.

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